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A Simple Way to Reduce Food Waste

Keep throwing fruits and veggies away? Check how FridgeSmart holds your produce for up to twice as long.

Your New Lunch Bowls and Bottles for All Occasions

Explore the exclusive on-the-go collection from Tupperware

Fresh Potatoes, Less Waste, More Money Saved

See how PotatoSmart was designed to keep potatoes fresher for longer and enable you to save money consistently for years.

I LOVE this Tupperware product. I used to end up throwing lettuce and other veggies away because I could not use them fast enough. I put romaine in one and it stayed fresh almost indefinitely. Amazing!

Gwen H

This is my go to gift for any house warming party. I have two sets. I am not sure what kind of magic is used to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for weeks on end but I haven't thrown a thing away. I would recommend this friends and strangers!

Judy S

I love this set! You save some money buying them all together, and all these sizes are useful. If you have never tried fridgesmart Tupperware, you must!

Bridget Ellison